Platinum End


      Platinum End is a manga series that tells the story of a young man named Mirai Kakehashi, who has lost all hope in life after facing a series of tragic events. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he is chosen by an angel to participate in a competition to become the next god. The competition involves 12 other candidates, each with their own set of unique abilities, and the winner will be granted the power to rule over humanity.

      As Mirai navigates through the dangerous and cutthroat competition, he meets other candidates who become both allies and enemies. Along the way, he is forced to confront his own personal demons and beliefs, while trying to outsmart and outmaneuver his opponents. But as the competition heats up and the stakes get higher, Mirai begins to question whether becoming a god is really worth sacrificing his own humanity. With stunning artwork and a thrilling plot full of twists and turns, Platinum End is a must-read for fans of supernatural and psychological manga.

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