To Your Eternity


      To Your Eternity is a captivating manga series that follows the journey of an immortal being who takes on different forms as it travels across the world. The story begins with the creature taking the form of a small sphere and landing on Earth, where it eventually takes on the form of a wolf. As the wolf, it encounters a young boy named Joannna who lives alone in a remote village, and the two form a deep bond as they face various challenges together.

      The series continues as the immortal being transforms into new forms, experiencing a wide range of emotions and exploring different aspects of humanity. From the hardships faced by a group of travelers crossing a treacherous mountain range, to the political intrigue of a kingdom ruled by a tyrannical king, To Your Eternity is a masterful exploration of the human experience that is sure to captivate readers with its beautiful art, compelling characters, and deeply moving storytelling.

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