Maria The Virgin Witch, Vol. 01

Maria The Virgin Witch, Vol. 01

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BOOK NAME Maria The Virgin Witch, Vol. 01
VENDOR Kodansha
TYPE Manga
RELEASE DATE 15 September 2015
ISBN 9781632360809

A fantastic, comedic tale with an anti-war message that is soon to be animated in 2015, 16 and up. Complete at three volumes. Shonen.

Maria is a witch living during the Hundred Years’ War between England and France. She hates war, so to keep the people of the village she protects safe, Maria will use all the power at her disposal to stop the fighting, whether that means conjuring giant dragons or sending her succubus familiar out to mesmerize the warring generals with her charms. But what do the villagers think of her “help”? And what will happen if Heaven notices her interference into human affairs? This story has a funny touch with a little history thrown in.

Series Overview: In medieval France, the powerful witch Maria aims to stop the never-ending battles waged between England and France in the Hundred Years War using any means necessary. If it will put a stop to the needless slaughter, she’ll use all her magical abilities to summon basilisks, golems, and even succubi—despite the fact the she herself is actually a virgin. But the Kingdom of Heaven will not standby as a witch interferes with the lives of men, and the Archangel Michael punishes Maria for her folly, cursing her to lose her powers if she is ever to lose her virginity. Maria must then make a choice—she needs her powers to stop the war, but to keep her power, she must never taste the forbidden fruit of adulthood.

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